How to: 3 simple steps to care for your earrings

How to: 3 simple steps to care for your earrings

When I dove in head first to my journey making polymer clay earrings, I never realised I would eventually make so many pairs that I'd be taking them to market. It's been an empowering (albeit scary AF) adventure, and here I am a few months later answering your handmade earring care questions. 

I've narrowed it down to three steps that I believe answer all of the questions that have come my way.  I still have to pinch myself when I see you wearing our earrings and I want to see you wearing them for a very long time, so follow these three easy steps. 

1) Handle with care 

Polymer clay is incredibly durable when cured properly. However, we suggest you treat them the same as any other precious jewellery in your collection. We don't recommend wearing your earrings in water, while sleeping and dreaming of *insert Mcdreamy here*, or while participating in extreme activities (if you'd like a detailed list of what extreme activities are, contact us). 

2) Clean gently 

There will come a time when you will notice a build-up of makeup or other debris on your earrings. This can easily be removed by gently wiping your earrings with a baby wipe, or dipping a q-tip in rubbing alcohol (use sparingly) and gently wiping away from the surface. 

3) Remove tarnish 

We currently source findings that are gold-plated and we use brass charms. These materials will tarnish in time, but with proper care you can have your earrings looking brand new in no-time and they will last forever. You can remove tarnish by using a jewellery cloth, brasso (or similar product), or good old fashioned ketchup (yes, you read that correctly). 

There you have it, the three most simple steps to ensure you will enjoy wearing your Genie & Rose handmade earrings for a lifetime. 

Do you have additional questions about earring care or want to share your own tips and tricks? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch

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